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Bernd Herrmann

lnformational tours for a better quality of our company

Coloured catalogues and well-designed websites often guarantee the best, greatest tours …

But in reality the tours do not always meet the expectations. Since Neandertours intends to fulfill the high standard of quality, ervery year we realize a variety of informational tours in order to check the quality of the hotels in advance. Furthermore, we want to discover the environment in order to be able to plan the activities for the duration of stay. As a consequence, the tours can be realized without any complications.

Neandertours is convinced to be the RIGHT business partner for such kind of cultural trips providing a short and therefore flexible bus which is fully equipped and very comfortable due to the fact that there is much distance between the seats. Moreover, the bus driver is also English- speaking. With a maximum of 35 seats the bus has the optimum size for your cultural trip. On the one hand our bus is !arge enough for the hotels’ group quota but on the other hand it is small enough for an intimate atmosphere within the group in which the participants can share their experiences. So we do not offer mass tourism but quick check in/ checkout at the hotels so that our clients can concentrate on the essential topics at the guided tours.